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Client Stories


Amanda regularly received food from the van for some years, before moving on to offer to help to prepare the food in the kitchen for distribution to those in need in Perth.

This enabled her to develop her confidence and skills, and she subsequently became one of the cornerstones of the Saturday food van. She was always ready to come in at short notice, either to help with food preparation, or to go out on the Still Waters van to distribute food to those in need.
She became a Christian earlier this year.


After meeting Brian on the van, we got to know him quite well and he too volunteered to help in the food preparation area.

He came along almost every week to work in the kitchen with us and was someone we could rely on.

Sadly, he then spent some time in prison, but later joined us again to work on the Still Waters gardening projects, where he has gained a great reputation for superb work and particularly with attention to detail.


Colin regularly came to the Saturday food van, very often in a poor condition due to his alcohol problems. He found it hard to look after himself, and was often unclean and poorly dressed. Through the services of the food van and Staurous, We helped him to get himself straightened up.

He now works for the Ark at the Trinity Church, attends the weekly services and is regularly found afterwards with a dustpan and brush – cleaning up, collecting plastic cups/plates etc.

Note: We have changed the names of the people mentioned above to protect their anonymity.